In Loving Memory 

Lawrence Lombard, Founder 

Lawrence Lombard began his career in restaurant, rising to the top and becoming the first African American Manager in several leading restaurants.  

Choosing to walk away from the industry, he moved to Eastern Washington to pursue a childhood dream of becoming a cowboy to ride horses and raise chickens.   

Later he became a security officer at a local prison, Walla Walla State Prison.

Eventually he discovered a talent for design in landscaping and started Triple L Landscaping Services in Richland, WA.

Moving go Kent, WA, he discovered an influx of African Americans moving to this fast-growing area, and a lack of interest to develop programs for these youths other than the newly built Juvenile/Regional Justice Center.  He saw the big picture and new he had to make a difference so he started The African American Cultural Center.  Being that many African Americans do not have strong positive role models in their immediate community to mentor and demonstrate leadership, he desired to show that African Americans can be leaders.  Not to cater only to African Americans, but to be African Americans doing things for the community as a people.  This would hopefully change the opinions of many locals and officials as well as give young kids a familiar face to look up to in the community they could identify with.

Although some tried before him, they had no success. It wasn't until Lawrence began the AACC did change take place in Kent, WA.  Through the annual AACC Heritage Festival, Fundraising Events, attending local community meetings, other charitable events, being visible at the local schools, making school & community meetings, and just about anything he could participate in and show our presence, Lawrence made himself known.  This was one of his most endearing qualities... he shared his vision!


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