by Tamara Lombard

       Today is the day we go to Kent City Hall for The Proclamation in honor of my dad, Lawrence Lombard. It's pretty exciting and if he can see all the action going on in his honor I know he's feeling it was all worth it.

When I was a young teen I said I wanted to save the world. I wanted to help others, make a difference, be part of something big for the betterment of people in general. I really didn't know what that was, i just knew I wanted to be part of those positive changes that impacted lives for the better on a grand scale. I didn't have a model for that, it was just in my heart and I stated it often to my mother and sister. As I got older and went through my own struggles I did what many do; lost sight of a dream and hope for it to come to pass. Hard times and false hopes overshadow any remnant of a lost dream and you, (I) do something else. Most of which are contrary to who you really are and the purpose of being here. 

Then something happens; a shift occurs and you listen.   You are unknowingly ready to receive the Blessings that have been waiting for you. Waiting patiently for you to grab on to and believe again and have hope that this old dream will indeed come to pass. It's been several years since I felt that kind of possibility and it is refreshing. Losing hope is the worst thing that can happen to a person and gaining it is the most life affirming experience one can have.

Today I will walk up to receive the honor given for my father's work in serving his community. It is to me like a baton handed over to continue his work; serving the community, county and more, and being part of something that will positively impact our youth and future. I am sad that my father isn't here physically, but I know his spirit is. I know he is watching over me and making sure all things are going as he would like, in the direction of his vision and the purpose of his fight. 

Now I have a model to follow. 
He created that model for us. 
He fought big and won big. 
He made a difference. 

Thank you, dad. You showed me and now i'm listening.
~Tamara Lombard