Fear is an ugly enemy that only keeps you paralyzed and far away from your goals.  We face fear when we are about to take the greatest steps of our lives that we could ever imagine taking.  Fear can be comforting when you don't know where you're going, like an old friend that is no longer good for you but you'd rather stay to avoid the tinge of change.  It can be a convenient reason to stay still, stuck, and stifled.  But fear not, literally!  Fear is a force, an ugly, nasty force that climbs up inside of you and takes over your life, your actions, your thoughts, and your behaviors.  Don't give way to this nasty enemy.  He doesn't serve you or your best interest.  He serves himself.  Fear generally stands before the door that opens to your destiny.  Face that evil monster, tell it to step aside, and take that step into that seeming scary doorway, and you will discover you have entered into your very own Wonderland.  A place made just for you, awaiting your arrival.